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Enjoy the healing benefits of our Eucalyptus, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts. Relax and lay back as they detoxify, restore and bring relief to tired aching muscles.

Eucalyptus Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

  • This all-natural product needs to be used within 10 months  

  • Pink Himalayan Salt : Pink Himalayan salt is minimally processed and is naturally pink due to the wide range of trace minerals, including magnesium and potassium. The presence of calcium and lactic acid and other trace minerals  help to draw out toxins and provide relief to muscle aches and cramps.  

    Dead Sea Salt : Containing more than 10x more minerals than normal sea salt dead sea salt helps in cleansing, detoxifying and restoring. It promotes cell metabolism while helping to heal inflamed skin. 

    Epsom Salt : Rich in magnesium it has been said to help stabilize mood, relieve stress and anxiety and relax muscles. The magnesium in the salt may also help release a headache or migraine. 

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