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Let Cara take you on a restorative and
elemental-infused journey … 

Cara Adams is the Founder of our all-natural and spiritually-blessed skin care brand, CARA Radiance by Nature, and she’s also a Healing Touch Practitioner (amongst so many other things!).


As a Healing Touch Practitioner, Cara promises to always create a welcoming and safe environment for clients who have experienced trauma, disability or chronic illness – employing customized modalities to alleviate blockages and realign the body, mind, heart and spirit.


Cara has received her Advanced Healing Touch accreditations and has had the privilege to be mentored by Meri Fowler, whose teachings inspired spiritual leaders like Irma Bubolic, the Founder the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec.


Cara currently offers sessions at the Inner Arts Collective (near Chester Station in Toronto, Ontario), remotely and for corporate programs. 

All sessions start with crystal-infused Breathwork to ground the client and a Healing Touch session to follow, which is very similar to Reiki. The Breathwork and Healing Touch sessions are done on a heated Amethyst crystal bed.


Touch Therapy is a non-invasive healing modality where the Practitioner's energy is used with essences to gently balance and holistically realign their client’s full being. The therapy’s benefits include: increased relaxation, reduced anxiety, a boosted immune system, pain reduction and accelerating the body's natural restorative process for up to a few weeks post session. 


For those opting for Cara’s Pure Radiance Journey, a rejuvenating mini facial with Cara’s all-natural and spiritually-blessed products and a detoxing lymphatic drainage massage will follow. 

Below is a snapshot of what’s included in Cara’s current offerings …


  • Elemental Healing Ritual (60 minutes) – $90

    • Heated Amethyst crystal bed

    • Crystal-infused Breathwork

    • Healing Touch session



  • Pure Radiance Journey (90 minutes; only offered in-person) – $150

    • Heated Amethyst crystal bed

    • Crystal-infused Breathwork

    • Healing Touch session

    • Mini facial using the following remedies:

      • Sandalwood Oatmeal Honey Dry Face Masque - to stimulate collagen, increase cell turnover, clear acne and black heads, moisturize and calm skin

      • Eucalyptus-infused Hot Towel - to open pores and increase skin's softness 

      • Sandalwood or Jasmine Toner - to remove dead skin cells, minimize pores, reduce impurities and balance the PH of your skin

      • Hydraberry Boost Hyaluronic Acid Serum - to hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

      • Progen10 Collagen Boosting Serum - to boost collagen, tighten and brighten the face

    • Lymphatic drainage massage for head and shoulders


Contact Cara at to schedule a session in-person at Inner Arts Collective, remotely or to discuss off-site customized sessions for your next corporate function. 


Talk soon!

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